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Archives of Investment Articles

Where should I invest?

In the age of inflation and an uncertain economy, ‘money saved is money earned’ no longer holds true. You need to make your savings work as hard as you do. With dismal interest rates and an unpredictable political climate, there is no point in parking your savings in a bank account. To beat inflation and […]

What Property Investment is right for me?

As with most things that we purchase in life, the choices available can seem endless. There are simply too many products and options available on the market making what seemed like a simple decision into a daunting task. Undoubtedly you will seek advice from an “expert” to help you with your decision making; in order […]

How to invest in Post Brexit Britain

In June 2016, the British public went to the polls to vote on Britain’s future within the EU. The Brexit referendum resulted in a decision for the UK to leave the European Union with a 51.9% majority of the UK’s population voting for the country to leave. The outcome of this referendum has created a […]
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