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How to invest in Post Brexit Britain

In June 2016, the British public went to the polls to vote on Britain’s future within the EU.
The Brexit referendum resulted in a decision for the UK to leave the European Union with a 51.9% majority of the UK’s population voting for the country to leave.

The outcome of this referendum has created a truly unique opportunity for international investors to capitalise on the UK’s changing economic circumstances, that can be realised now and in many years to come.

The fundamentals that underpin the strength of the UK’s property market have not changed following the outcome of the referendum. But the immediate uncertainty, and subsequent fall in the value of sterling, means that UK property is now considerably cheaper to investors than it was before the vote.

Once Brexit negotiations with the EU conclude, the current uncertainty being felt will be lifted; allowing Britain’s economy to prosper once again.
It will be those that invest now that will see the strongest capital gains and ROI over the years that follow.

“Several of my opportunistic investors have said we really ought to think about this seriously, and to think whether we should take advantage of this new window in the market. Anyone who’s not dealing in sterling would see an opportunity.”

– Nicholas Brooke, Chairman of Professional Property Services for RICS

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